Ghetto Lullaby

Time now to shut your eyes;
out ohf the darkening skies
come birds, and at your cradle’s head they fly about.
The house is ash and brands –
with bundle in our hands
in search of shelter, darling, we set out.

The world’s been bolted down,
and njght is all around –
prepared to pounce with horror and with woe.
A wretched pair, we cower
here in a grim, grim hour
and where our path may lead we do not know.

They drove us, naked, forth
to wander south and north.
Into the fields of midnight we were hurled;
and haisstorms, blizzards wild
have followed you, my child,
followed you to the precipice of the world. (p. 40)


Aaron Kramer (org.), The last Lullaby – Poetry from the Holocaust, Syracuse University Press, 2004